I got started with the idea of the (original) Spill Spiral™ Bowl when I had my first little one. John was so into the idea of food was for play and always ending up playing with it instead of eating!

I didn't know of any solution, and every time we had food it would end up on the floor, with me having to clean it up. I swear every time I looked away for a second he would cause trouble!

I went to the store and I tried out "baby-proof" bowls, with all of them being made out of cheap material, breaking down in the dishwasher, and straight up not working. I figured if there wasn't a solution out there already then I would have to come up with one.

I was in my room about to go to sleep thinking about what I could do about my problem that I was sure other moms were having all over the world. I looked over at my dresser and saw a globe staring back at me. That's when it hit me. What if you could make a bowl that rotates a lid over every time it gets knocked?

The rest is history! Through over a year of invention and meeting with teams of engineers, this is what the Spill Spiral Team came up with.

I hope everybody could find a use for this just like I did, and enjoy never having to pick food up off of the floor again!

Thanks a lot!

-Jeannie, Founder of Spill Spiral